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Bluetooth Signal Strength Check

    The Bluetooth signal is poor.

    The sound interruption may be caused by the distance or obstacles between the speaker and the connected device.

    Check the following to improve the issue:

    • Remove any obstacles (people, metal objects, walls, etc.) from between the headset and the connected device.
    • Make sure that the headset and the connected device are as close as possible to verify that you can play music or sound with no interruptions.
      Hint: Since the Right side of the headset has the built-in antenna, it is more effective to have the connected device closer to that side.
      After confirming that the sound can be heard normally, gradually increase the distance between the connected device and the headset to a point where the sound is interrupted. Use the headset within the area where the sound is not interrupted.
    • Update the headset software to the most recent version.

    Hint: How to use the Bluetooth Signal Strength Check feature:

    Place the connected device where you usually use it with the headset and play music or sound for at least 2 minutes. After that, immediately tap Help in the Sony | Headphones Connect app, and select Bluetooth Signal Strength Check to display the results.