It’s gotten even better!
    Introducing Android™ 12

    Android has just launched its annual update with a new version called Android 12, and it’s always a big deal! You’re going to love the new Android 12 features and improvements!

    With Android 12, you can now take scrolling screenshots. Operate your Xperia device with just one hand using the newly revamped one-handed mode. Use the dim screen feature to go easier on your eyes in a dark environment. Use Nearby Share for easy Wi-Fi sharing. What’s more?

    Android 12 protects your privacy more than ever before with new features called Mic/Camera Indicator and Approximate Location.

    Here, we’ll show you some of the cool new Android 12 features. So take a quick break and check out the articles below!

    Capture more of your screen

    One of the greatest improvements with Android 12 is definitely the Scrolling Screenshots feature. You’ve waited a long time for this one! With this, you can capture screenshots of scrollable pages on your Xperia device. When “Capture more” shows up on the screen after you take a screenshot, you can choose to capture and save as much of the content on the page as you want, as one image.

    Do you ever try to take multiple screenshots of a scrollable page? Of different parts of the page, section by section? Now that’s the last thing you’ll need to do with Android 12!

    One-handed operation

    Let’s say you’re holding a cup of coffee in one hand and would like to use your Xperia device with the other. Well, the one-handed mode included with Android 12 will help you with just that!

    In this mode, Android 12 slides the entire screen downward so that everything is within reach of your thumb, eliminating the need to stretch your hand. Easily use your Xperia device with just one hand, so there’s no need to wait until after you finish drinking your coffee, for instance.

    This mode will get your Xperia device to work even better with your day-to-day activities!

    Dim light to protect your eyes

    Even if you set your Xperia device to the lowest brightness setting, you might feel it’s still too bright for some situations in your everyday life. Android 12 has prepared a new feature called Extra Dim that allows you to set your screen to a brightness level dimmer than the lowest brightness setting on your device.

    For example, if you’ve ever been in bed at night and wanted to chat with your friend on your Xperia device without turning the lights on, this is perfect for you!

    You can also add a shortcut button for this feature to your screen or an Extra Dim icon to your Quick Settings menu.

    What’s accessing your mic and camera?

    Ever wonder what types of apps are accessing the mic or camera on your Xperia device? Or if your personal information is being stolen? Unfortunately, anything could happen in these digital times. Still, these are things we want to avoid, right?

    This time around, Android 12 introduces a new feature called Mic/Camera Indicator to protect your privacy. This’ll display a mic or camera icon at the top-right corner of the screen when an app is accessing your mic or camera. You can always check for these indicators in the notification shade. If the access permission given to that app is not what you intended, you can always revoke that access.

    Now, thanks to this new feature, your private information is safer than ever before!

    Approximate location

    You wouldn’t want to tell a stranger your current location. But how about when you open an app and it asks for permission to access your location information? How many times have you felt uncomfortable with being asked that?

    Well, to protect your privacy even more securely, Android 12 has rolled out the Approximate Location feature. This gives you the choice of giving either your precise location or an approximate location to an app requesting your location.

    So now you won’t have anything to worry about even when using apps that request your location!

    Sharing Wi-Fi using Nearby Share

    We are always looking for more feature options for your Xperia device. This stands true even regarding Wi-Fi network sharing.

    Android 10 introduced using a QR code to share a Wi-Fi network, and now, Android 12 adds another option for sharing a Wi-Fi network with the Nearby Share feature.

    Your Xperia device will start looking for, let’s say, your friend’s device. Once your friend accepts the request to share information, it’s all set!

    No typing any discouragingly long passwords! Easy, right?

    Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ depending on your device and/or software version.

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