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Xperia phone do not work properly when using Game Enhancer after upgrading to Android 11, what can I do?

    This article is a workaround for Game Enhancer issues. 


    We apologize for any inconvenience. You may be facing the following symptoms when using Game Enhancer after upgrading to Android 11. 

    • STAMINA mode cannot be set. 
    • Display High refresh rate cannot be set. 
    • Unable to charge. 
    • Cannot receive the notification. 
    • Background apps are closed. 
    • The navigation bar remains locked. 
    • Adaptive brightness remains disabled. 
    • Side sense remains disabled. 
    • The camera key remains disabled, and the camera cannot be switched on. 

    Please update the software to the latest version. 

    • Find and tap Settings → System → Advanced → Software update → SYSTEM  

    If your Xperia phone is already the latest software version, please restart your Xperia phone as follows for a while until the fixed software is released. 

    • To restart your device. 
      • Press and hold the power key until a menu appears. 
      • Tap Restart. The device restarts automatically. 
      • See if the issue is temporarily resolved.