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Is it possible to make connections using Wi-Fi AP Mode and a wired LAN adapter (sold separately) at the same time?

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    Simultaneous connection is possible.

    When a wired LAN adaptor (sold separately) is used to establish a connection with a router or other device while a smartphone is connected via Wi-Fi to the ILME-FX6 operating in Wi-Fi AP Mode, the following message may be displayed:

    The IP address of the Wireless LAN Access Point Mode has been changed due to an IP address conflict.

    If this message appears, communication between the smartphone connected via Wi-Fi AP Mode and the ILME-FX6 may have been disconnected.
    If a message indicating that you have been disconnected is displayed on the Content Browser Mobile application screen or the remote control monitoring function does not operate properly, reestablish the Wi-Fi connection with the ILME-FX6, such as by turning the Wi-Fi function Off then On again on the smartphone.