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What kind of effects does base ISO sensitivity provide?

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    In order to make the most of the high-sensitivity sensor performance, the base sensitivity setting of the camcorder can be changed to extend the ISO upper limit to 409600(*1) for shooting in dark locations (The ISO upper limit for the FS5II is 32000(*2).)

    In addition, the base sensitivity during S-Log3 shooting is fixed to ISO2000 for the FS5II, but this camcorder can select from the two settings of a standard base sensitivity of ISO800 or high sensitivity of ISO12800 for dark environments, which expands the shooting range.

    Furthermore, a wide latitude of 15+ stops enables video recording in environments with a wide range of light levels while suppressing blown out highlights and blocked up shadows. The high-sensitivity full-size sensor, together with the high mobility of the camcorder, enable high-quality video production in any shooting environment.

    *1 When Shooting Mode is set to Custom
    *2 When Picture Profile is set to Standard