Article ID : 00251703 / Last Modified : 02/10/2020

How can I take video with slow motion by Cinema Pro?

    Valid For 

    • Xperia 5 II
    • Xperia 1 II


    You can take a slow-motion video by selecting "120" fps in the "FPS" menu.


    1. The "FPS" menu sets the camera fps ( recording frame speed ). You can choose either 120 fps or the same fps value as "Project FPS"  (Playback frame speed)". If you select 120 fps, the recorded video becomes slow motion. And its slow ratio depends on the "Project FPS".
      [e.g.] With 23.98 of "Project FPS" and 120(24) of "FPS", the slow ratio will be x5.0 slow (= 120/24).
    2. 120fps is supported only with 24mm lens.
    3. Xperia 1 II supports only 2K resolution in 120fps mode whereas Xperia 5 II supports both 2K and 4K resolution in 120fps mode.