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How does the camera recognize food or skin? Also, How does it optimize the photo?

How does the camera work to take beautiful photos easily in Xperia 10 II?

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    • Xperia 10 II


    By combining Sony’s photographic expertise with AI (Artificial Intelligence), you can capture stunning images easily with auto-mode. Xperia 10 II will recognize different shooting scenarios in 13 scenes with four conditions of the photogenic subject and its environment condition and adjust optimal camera settings accordingly.
    Xperia 10 II makes more beautiful portrait shots with adjusting the settings to ensure skin tones, which look completely natural, whether it’s an individual portrait or a group photo.
    Also, Xperia 10 II makes photos of dishes and desserts look delicious and mouth-watering with optimizing colour saturation and brightness, which are essential for such images.