Article ID : 00243326 / Last Modified : 13/03/2020

There is no sound or sound is heard from only one side of the wireless headset (WF-H800)

    If there is no sound, or a sound is only heard from only one side of the headset, follow these steps:

    • Reset the headset.
      NOTE: Device registration (pairing) information and other settings will be retained. 
    • Turn up the volume of the connected device.
      Press the button on the left unit once during music playback to increase the volume by 1 step.
    • If using an app with the connected mobile device, check with another app.
    • Check if the Bluetooth connection is established with the device you are connecting to.
    • Check that the connected device is playing music.
    • Charge the headset.
      • When charging, set the headset in the charging case and close the lid.
      • Connect the charging case to an AC outlet or computer using the supplied USB Type-C cable.
    • Initialize the headset.
      NOTE: This operation resets the headset to the factory settings and deletes all pairing information. Delete the pairing information for the headset from the device and then pair them again.