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What do the lights at the bottom of the TV screen mean? (Android TV™ with Operational response in the menu)

    The LEDs can light up for various reasons:

    Position of the LED

    1. LED for voice function: At the bottom left side of the TV (This is only for TVs with a built-in microphone)
    2. Status LED: At the bottom center of the TV 

    (A) LED for voice function

    The LED turns on or blinks when Ok Google is detected and the TV is communicating with the server. The lighting pattern of this LED changes depending on the status of communication with the server. 
    If "Ok Google" detection is disabled after enabling the function, the LED lights up in amber while the TV is on. The LED turns off in standby.

    (B) Status LED

    Turns on or blinks in white when the TV is turning on, when receiving signals from the remote control, or when updating the software using a USB storage device.
    When "Ok Google" detection is enabled, it turns on in amber. (This is only for TVs with a built-in microphone)