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What are the frequencies for the equalizer in Dolby Atmos?

I would like to know the frequency values of the equalizer for Music app. / What are the frequency values of each band in the Graphic Equalizer of Dolby Atmos?

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    The center frequencies for 10 bands in the equalizer are as follows. 

    ( 47 / 230 / 470 / 840 / 1.3k / 2.3k / 3.8k / 5.8k / 9k / 14k [Hz] ) 

    To set the level for each frequency band of the equalizer. 

    1. Open Settings > Sound > Audio Settings.
    2. Tap Dolby Atmos. Make sure “Use Dolby Atmos” is turned on.  
    3. Tap Advanced Settings to open the Graphic Equalizer. And you can swipe on the bar of each band to set the level of them. 

    NOTE: The frequency values of each band don’t appear on the actual Graphic Equalizer screen of Dolby Atomos. But the frequency values are as shown in the above picture for your reference.