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What is photography advice? (Xperia 5)

    The intuitive photography advice in your camera helps you to avoid typical photo shooting errors e.g. covering the lens with your finger tip or being too close to your motive. It is based on deep learning from a database where common camera mistakes are collected. The photography advice appears in a small pop-up window and works both with the main and front camera when taking photos, but not when recording videos.  

    Before taking a photo, photography advice will let you know: 

    • If a finger accidentally covers the lens.
    • If the light is too low so that Autofocus can't work properly.
    • If you're too close to the motive so that Autofocus can't work properly.

    Note: The photography advice about Autofocus is only available when using the main camera with the x1 (26 mm) lens or the x2 (52 mm) lens.

    After having taken a photo, photography advice will let you know: 

    • If a finger accidentally covered the lens.
    • If someone had their eyes closed.
    • If there is blur from camera shake.

    Click on the photography advice details to learn what went wrong, and to get some handy tips for how to get a better result in your next photo.

    Photography advice is shown before and after taking photos by default, but you can change this or turn the feature off.  

    To change when photography advice is shown or to turn it off

    1. Find and tap Camera >    (settings) > Show photography advice.  
    2. Change the setting according to your choice.