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Android TV™ software update information - Android™ 9 Pie (For 2019 models)

    The Android 9 Pie software update began December 2019 on a gradual release schedule for Android TV models. This article explains the new features, improvements, and changes provided with this update.

    The automatic update will first be released for eligible LCD models (X95G / X85G / Z9G series), and then expand to BRAVIA OLED Master Series models (A9G series) in early 2020.  The actual date your TV receives the automatic update will vary and may range from within a few weeks to a couple of months. 

      If you enabled the Automatically check for update feature, a notification will appear on your TV when the update is available.

    When you are ready to perform the update, press the HELP button on the remote control and select System software update.

    Features & Changes

    Menu and Interface Changes
    New Features
    Other Changes

    Applicable products

    Z9G series
    A9G series
    X95G series
    X85G series (55/65/75/85 inches)

    Menu and Interface Changes

    • Streamlined Settings menu
      All Settings options are now grouped under 7 categories.
      • Watching TV: Broadcast settings such as channel setup, subtitles, parental control, Cable/Satellite box (Cable/Satellite box control compatible models only) etc.
      • Display & Sound: Settings for picture and sound adjustments
      • Network & Internet: Settings for Internet and home network connections
      • Accounts & Sign In: Google account settings
      • Apps: Settings for apps
      • Device Preferences: Other device settings such as date & time, language, accessibility, Chromecast built-in etc.
      • Remotes & Accessories: Settings for the remote control and Bluetooth device connections
      Suggestions is also added to configure settings that were skipped in the initial setup.
    • Improved Quick Settings menu

      You can now change the presentation order of the settings. To change the order, highlight one and then press and hold the Enter button on the remote control.
    • Improved Input menu

      You can now change the presentation order of the apps. To change the order, highlight one and then press and hold the Enter button on the remote control.
    • A new Restart menu
      The Restart menu is displayed on TV screen by pressing and holding the power button on the TV remote control for a few seconds.

    New Features

    • Support Apple AirPlay / HomeKit
      With Apple AirPlay, you can stream movies, music, games, and photos to your television right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
    • Integrated Dolby Atmos support via the TV’s built-in speakers
      The TV speakers can now play back Dolby Atmos.
      In addition, on the Sound mode compatible models, the Sound mode will switch to Dolby Audio by the software update automatically so you can enjoy content with Dolby Atmos.
    • Cable/Satellite box operation with the supplied TV remote control: (Only applicable for Australia and Taiwan models)
      On the Settings menu, a Cable/Satellite box setup option has been added under Watching TVExternal inputs.
      Completing the Cable/Satellite box setup will allow you to operate your Cable/Satellite box (set-top box) with the supplied TV remote control.

    Other Changes

    • Small screen for TV viewing on program guide
      On the program guide, you can see the show you were watching in the small screen that appears.
    • Illumination LED behavior during Ok Google detection (Except for X8577G/X8507G/X8500G)
      Illumination LED blinking (Yellow), which occurs when “Ok Google” is detected on the built-in MIC, now occurs not only during standby mode but also when the TV is on.
    • Addition of Pass through mode
      The Pass through mode setting has been added, which can output compressed audio to audio systems and sound bars.
      NOTE: When Pass through mode is set, sounds such as TV key tones or voice responses may not be output, or the voice recognition feature of the built-in MIC may be less efficient.

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