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How to increase the recording time on my SLT-A58

    Recording time is dependent on internal memory which can be increased by using a compatible memory card.

    The table below shows the approximate total recording times using a memory card formatted on the camera.

    Legend: h (hour), m (minute)

    Record Setting2 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB
    60i 24M(FX)/50i 24M(FX)10 m20 m45 m1 h 30 m3 h6 h
    60i 17M(FH)/50i 17M(FH)15 m30 m1 h2 h4 h 5 m8 h 15 m
    24p 24M(FX)/25p 24M(FX)10 m20 m45 m1 h 30 m3 h6 h
    24p 17M(FH)/25p 17M(FH)15 m30 m1 h2 h4 h 5 m8 h 15 m
    1440×1080 12M20 m40 m1 h 20 m2 h 45 m5 h 30 m11 h 5 m
    VGA 3M1 h 10 m2 h 25 m5 h10 h20 h 5 m40 h 15 m


    • The recordable time for movies varies because the camera is equipped with VBR (Variable Bit Rate), which automatically adjusts image quality depending on the shooting scene. When you record fast-moving subjects, the image is clearer but the recordable time is shorter, because more memory is required. The recordable time also varies depending on the shooting conditions or subject or the image quality/size settings.
    • The values shown are not for continuous recording time.
    • Recording time may depend on shooting conditions and the memory card used.
    • When is displayed, stop recording. The temperature inside the camera has increased to an unacceptable level.