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Noise canceling effects are weak on my wireless headphones after a software update

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The Adaptive Sound Control setting may have been activated automatically when the unit’s software was updated.
If the noise canceling effect seems to have become weaker, use the Headphones Connect app to check the Adaptive Sound Control and Ambient Sound Control settings.

  1. Connect the headset to the smartphone via Bluetooth function and launch the Headphones Connect app.
    NOTE: For details on operation method, refer to the instructions manual supplied with the product.
  2. If Adaptive Sound Control is [On], set to [Off].

  3. Tap down arrow in Ambient Sound Control and set to Noise Canceling.

    For WF-1000X

    For models other than WF-1000X:



Adaptive Sound Control is a function that can detect four patterns of behavior (Staying / Walking / Running / Transport) using the acceleration sensor of your smartphone and automatically switch between Noise Canceling and Ambient Sound Control modes based on the setting for each behavior pattern. 

Using the Headphones Connect app to update the unit’s software may activate this feature automatically. This causes you to feel that the noise canceling effect has changed.

For details on Adaptive Sound Control, see the following page.

Detecting actions and adjusting the noise canceling function automatically (Adaptive Sound Control)