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Pictures and icons in a Windows computer connected by HDMI are enlarged.

When a Windows computer screen is displayed on the TV, it is displayed at a low picture resolution.

    The display zoom ratio of the Windows computer may be set high. Change the zoom ratio setting so that pictures and icons are displayed at the desired size. 
    If the zoom ratio is set to 100%, pictures and icons will not be enlarged.
    For details on changing the settings of the computer, refer to the manual supplied with your computer.

    NOTE: If the TV and computer are connected by an HDMI cable, we recommend the following settings.

    • HDMI Signal format setting of the TV
      • If the signal input into the TV is 4K 30P: Standard format
      • If the signal input into the TV is 4K 60P: Enhanced format
    • Resolution setting of the computer: 3840 x 2160 (4K)

    The signal input into the TV changes depending on the performance of the computer. Pictures and icons may also be enlarged when outputting 4K signals from Windows 10 computers that support 4K.