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YouTube Error related message

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Your Sony TV may display an error message (Error 400) on the screen when watching YouTube, live Broadcast via antenna/cable/satellite or through HDMI connected devices. Alternatively, your YouTube application may not launch, or network connection cannot be established. These issues are not a failure of the TV.

Those issues are now resolved; however, if you are still experiencing those issues, we recommend you to follow the steps below.

How to solve this issue? 

I own a 


Sony's Android TV

In order to resolve this issue, please clear the app data from the YouTube application:

  1. Select [HOME] > [Settings] > [Apps]

  2. Select [YouTube]

  3. Select [Clear data] > [OK]



Sony's Smart TV

In order to resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

For W9xxA, W8xxA, W7xxA, W6xxA, X90xxA, X85xxA, X95xxB, X90xxB, X85xxB, W9xxB, W8xxB, W7xxB and W6xxB

  • Initialise the browser settings and delete all cookies:
  1. Select [Home]

  2. Select [Application]

  3. Select [Internet Browser]

  4. Select [Options]

  5. Select [Browser Settings]

  6. Select [Delete all Cookies]

  7. Select [Yes]


For R3xxC, R4xxC, R5xxC, W7xxC, W7xxD, W6xxD, W7xxE, W6xxE, X70xxE, X67xxE, W6xxF series

  • Initialise the TV personal information:
  1. Select [HOME] > [Settings]

  2. Select [Customer Support]

  3. Select [Initialize Personal Information]

  4. Select [OK]