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Frequently Asked Questions for CCB-WD1

    Refer to the following questions and answers.

    Q1: Is HDMI though out available while using Camera Control Box?

    A1: Yes, it is. 

    Q2: Is 4K external recording available while using Camera Control Box?

    A2: Yes. You can change settings or start/stop recording from Camera Control Box while 4K output, but footages cannot be exported since they are on the memory of external recorder. 

    Q3: Will you be able to transfer sound to PC?

    A3: Sound cannot be transferred in Live View. Exported file will include sound. 

    Q4: How much is the size of the maximum transferrable file size?

    A4: The maximum transferrable file size is limited to 4GB.
        It depends on the file system of Camera Control Box. 

    Q5: How much is the size of the total transferrable file size?

    A5: The total transferrable file size at once is limited to 60GB.

    Q6: How much is the size of live view and transfer rate?

    A6: Default transfer rate is 1fps and maximum rate is 17 fps.
        Image size is XGA but the size on display varies depending on web browser.
        Live-view is transferred via HTTP streaming from Camera Control Box to PC . 

    Q7: How is accuracy of video sync?

    A7: Video sync synchronises with tens of micro sec. accuracy in sony test condition, and the accuracy varies depending on operating condition.
        Video sync controls connected multiple cameras to capture each frame in synchronisation. 
        The accuracy is different from that of Gen Lock, which synchronises in pixel level accuracy. 

    Q8: Is the supplied Multi-Terminal Connecting Cable commercially available as an accessory?

    A8: The Multi-Terminal Connecting Cable is not sold as an accessory. It is available as a service part. Contact one of our service facilities.

    • Multi-Terminal Connecting Cable (S)
    • Multi-Terminal Connecting Cable (L)