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Control your Android TV with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices

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What is Alexa
What is an Alexa Skill and how does it work?
What is required to control your TV with Amazon Alexa?
Setup instructions
Supported TV models
Supported TV functions
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What is Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the brain that powers devices including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. It is a cloud-based voice service, and now it allows you to control functions on Sony’s Android TV, such as power on or off, change channels, control volume, and more.

NOTE: Additional information on Alexa is available at

What is an Alexa Skill and how does it work?

Skills are capabilities that allow customers to do more with Alexa and personalise their experience-including controlling your Sony Android TV. With this feature, you can use your voice to turn your Android TV on or off, change channels, control volume and more, by asking Alexa through devices such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

NOTE: Alexa Skills for Sony Android TV control are only supported in India.

 What is required to control your TV with Amazon Alexa?

  • Android TV models that support the Alexa skill (see supported models)
  • Amazon Echo device. Google Home isn't supported
  • Mobile device such as your phone or tablet
  • Amazon account
  • Google account
  • Home network with Wi-Fi capabilities (Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz) networks. Doesn't support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks)

Setup instructions

Supported TV models 

Supported models have the TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa app on the Home screen. You do not manually install this app, it will automatically install on supported TVs. If the app is not on the home screen, your TV may not be supported yet. Make sure your TV is set to automatically receive updates.

2016 Android TVs

  • X75xxD, X70xxD, X80xxD, S80xxD, X83xxD and Z9D Series

2017 Android TVs

  • X75xxE, X80xxE, X82xxE X85xxE, X90xxE, X93xxE, X94xxE, X95xxE and A1 Series

2018 Android TVs

  • X9xxF, X85xxF, X75xxF, W8xxF and A8F Series

Supported TV functions

Use the following Amazon Alexa voice commands to control your Android TV:

[ - ] Power ON / OFF

  • Alexa, power off TV.
  • Alexa, turn on living room TV.


[ - ] Change channel by number or name

  • Alexa, Change channel to BBC on office TV.
  • Alexa, Change channel to ITV on family room TV.
  • Alexa, Change channel to Channel 4 on kitchen TV.


[ - ] Control volume

  • Alexa, set volume to 15 on family room TV.
  • Alexa, volume down on living room TV. 


[ - ] Mute or unmute

  • Alexa, mute kitchen TV.
  • Alexa, unmute dining room TV.

[ - ] Change input

  • Alexa, switch to Blu-ray on workroom TV.
  • Alexa, switch to HDMI 1 on kitchen TV.


[ - ] Control playback for DVR or streaming content

  • Alexa, play on media room TV.
  • Alexa, set pause on TV 1.
  • Alexa, fast-forward on office TV.
  • Alexa, rewind on kid's TV.



  • Indirect commands address an unspecified recipient.
  • Direct and precise commands address a specific recipient.
  • Use the supplied remote control / IR Blaster to allow this feature to work with your set-top box.* 
  • Details on how to setup the IR Blaster.*

    *Applicable only for India. 

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