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Notice to Customers Recording Video in HDV format


    Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

    We wish to inform you that when playing back a tape recorded in HDV format, the image and sound may momentarily stop (for about 0.5 second) on rare occasions, depending on the tape used.

    This symptom occurs mainly because the material on the tape surface may slightly peel off and be momentarily attached to the tape or the video head, which makes the camcorder unable to record and/or playback the HDV signals. Depending on the tape used, this symptom may sometimes occur even if the tape used is brand-new, or only used for a short time.

    If this symptom occurs during playback, it may be resolved by fast-forwarding the tape for a while from that point and then rewinding it back. However, if it occurs during recording, you cannot recover the data on that portion of the tape.

    To prevent this, we recommend using a high quality videotape for recording. Sony’s DV videotapes such as DVM63HD have high quality suitable for HDV recording.

    If this symptom often occurs, please try the following :

    1. Clean the video head for 10 seconds with a cleaning cassette.

    2. Use a Sony videotape.

    We recommend Sony’s DVM12CLD for cleaning cassette and Sony’s DVM63HD for HDV recording.

    If the problem still persists after trying the above, it may be due to another cause.  In this case, please contact yourlocal service centreA list of Sony service centres can be found in the Service Centers page.