Article ID : 00232501 / Last Modified : 27/06/2022Print

The camera turns off even though there is still power in NPA-MQZ1 Multi Battery Adapter

    The NPA-MQZ1 Multi Battery Adapter can be used as a power supply for W-series battery pack compatible cameras by attaching a Z-series battery (NP-FZ100). However, the remaining battery level indicator is optimized for a Z-series battery pack compatible camera.

    Therefore, when the battery power is reduced down to approximately 30%, the indication of the remaining battery power changes to Image indicating the icon for the remaining battery warning and then the camera may automatically power off.
    To avoid this unexpected power-off, we recommend that you proactively charge the Z series battery packs attached to NPA-MQZ1 or replace them with fully-charged ones, leaving plenty of time before the battery power is consumed down to approximately 30%.