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About major updates of the Android TV software

    Some models of Android TV are scheduled to have major software updates. (Scheduled to be released progressively after 7 December, 2016)

    The following various features are added or improved once the software of your TV is updated.


    Enhancement of screen design and usability

    In some screens such as HOME, the screen design or usability is updated and you can easily use.

    New Design Concept

    • New design concept is introduced to screen design such as background image.


    HOME menu

    • The same app icon is not displayed on both Featured apps and Apps at the same time.

       Image Image   Image
       Before Updating    After Updating

    • Location of Inputs is moved to the bottom of the HOME screen.


    • For changing the HOME screen information, also see the following.

    Volume adjusting bar

    We moved the volume adjusting bar to the bottom left of the screen and made the picture easy to see.

    Image Image Image
    Before Updating After Updating


    Expansion of the built-in memory

    You can move the downloaded games and apps to a USB memory device or HDD as an extended memory.


    • When using a USB memory device or HDD as an extended memory, they will be initialized. Save data in the USB memory device or HDD in other place beforehand.
    • Games and apps downloaded in the extended memory cannot be used anymore if USB memory device or HDD is removed, but if you insert it into the same TV, you can use the games and apps.
    • This feature may not be available depending on the app.

    Displaying programs in each genre

    When searching TV programs, programs are displayed by genre, such as drama, sports, or music, etc. This will enable you to search programs you want to see more easily.
    You can display the programs in each genre with the program check function and Genre program guide in the program guide application.

    NOTE: This feature may not be available depending on your country/region.

    For setting up genre categories, see the following.


    New design of Help menu

    The Help menu displayed when the HELP button is pressed on the remote control will become user-friendly.
    You can get information you want much faster through illustrations and by category.




    Before Updating     After Updating


    • The remote control differs depending on your region or model.
    • Information displayed on the Help menu differs depending on your country/region.

    Other changes

    • For security reinforcement, licensing is necessary when using a USB device or microphone. If you try to use a device or microphone, the message for licensing is displayed on the screen.


    Notes on applying the major updates

    • When implementing the update, read the procedure well.
      How do I perform Firmware/ Software Updates for my Android TV?
    • Perform the update on your own responsibility.
    • After performing the update, you cannot reset the version of the software to the previous one.
    • Some settings may be initialized by performing the update. In this case, perform the settings again.
    • After performing the update, application updates may be required from Google Play Store, etc.
    • After performing the update, applications for old OS versions may not work normally.