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I need help connecting two LSPX-S1 speakers together, or sound is only output from one speaker after connecting them together

    When the BLUETOOTH indicator on both speakers light up in red or orange, they are connected correctly. If the BLUETOOTH indicator on either speaker flashes or lights up in white, the setup of the Speaker Add function may have failed. Please start over from the beginning.

    If the BLUETOOTH indicator is turned off, briefly press the [ADD] button of the master unit (it can be either, that's entirely up to you) and check the colour of the BLUETOOTH indicator on each speaker.

    • If both indicators light up in red or orange, they are correctly connected
    • If the BLUETOOTH indicator does not turn on, the setup of the Speaker Add function may have failed, so set it up again from the beginning

    NOTES and tips:

    • If a cord is inserted to the AUDIO IN jack, disconnect it. The Speaker Add function does not work correctly while the AUDIO IN jack is in use
    • If the signal condition is poor, the function does not work correctly. Please make sure Bluetooth signal reception is strong enough
    • Try turning the power off and back on to reconnect. When one speaker is powered off, the other speaker also turns off if the Speaker Add function is set up correctly. After turning the power off, turn on the power of each speaker again. After the Speaker Add function is automatically is set up again, a setup completion sound will be output.

    For more help and instructions to connect two speakers together, please refer to the instruction manual or the Wireless Audio support page.