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How to use Google Zhuyin Input keyboard with YouTube

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  • The steps below is only applicable for YouTube before version 2.00.18 and not applicable for version  2.00.18 and above.
  • The following shows you the steps how to use Google Zhuyin Input keyboard. In order to use Google Zhuyin Input keyboard, you will need to set  Google Zhuyin Input as default keyboard .  

Follow the steps below to use Google Zhuyin Input keyboard with YouTube.

  1. Press HOME button on the remote to go Home menu. Scroll down to the Apps shelf and select YouTube.


  2. Select the search button on the top left. The onscreen keyboard will appear on the TV. The onscreen keyboard will have desktop options.


  3. This will allow you to enter Zhuyin. The keyboard will have the stroke that would represent part of Chinese character. Any stroke that you select, it will then suggest the related Chinese character.


  4. The desktop will allow you to enter English text and desktop allow you to enter special characters.