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What is grading?

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Grading is post-production image processing performed to adjust the contrast and coloring.

To allow for grading and flexible expression, videos must be shot with a wide dynamic range and wide color reproduction range. The S-Log gamma curve and S-Gamut color reproduction are used to record these kinds of videos. Without grading, videos recorded with S-Log2 or S-Log3 have low contrast and saturation because these videos are supposed to be graded after recording.

  • Before grading
  • After grading

For details on S-Log, refer to the page below.
Help Guide for Creators

NOTE: Help Guide for Creators is a Help Guide for more creative image production using a camera manufactured by Sony.

You can try grading with the free application Catalyst Browse, which has basic grading functions.
To run Catalyst Browse smoothly, an 8-core processor or similar operating environment is required.
For details, refer to the following website
Catalyst Browse
(Clicking this link will take you to the Sony Creative Software website)