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Spike Replacement Q&A

    NOTE: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products at the bottom of this article.

    Q1. I want to replace the spikes, but I can’t remove them.
    A1. If a spike is difficult to remove, use something to aid your grip (for example, wrapping a rubber band around the spike) to remove and replace it.

    Q2. Can the rear spikes be replaced?
    A2. No, the rear spikes are fixed and cannot be replaced.

    Q3. Can I use store-bought spikes?
    A3. No, you cannot use store-bought spikes without guaranteed performance.

    Q4. I dropped a spike into the duct while replacing the spikes.
    A4. Please either bring the speaker to your place of purchase or apply for repairs. For a customer to remove the spike themselves is extremely difficult.