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What is the function of D-Range Optimizer?

About the D-Range Optimizer function.

    The D-Range Optimizer function instantaneously analyzes the captured image data and automatically corrects for optimal exposure and tone reproduction. Often when taking backlit scenes, the subject's face or other areas in shadow appear darker in the photograph than they appear to the human eye. The D-Range Optimizer function discriminates between different conditions for the photographed scenes automatically corrects the gamma curve, exposure level, and other parameters to remove portions that are darker than they would appear to the human eye.

    The D-range optimizer function also contains Standard mode, which adjusts the entire image uniformly (effective for correcting aspects like exposure), and Advanced mode, which automatically corrects areas within the composition. By using the Advanced mode, the photographer can produce a clear picture where both the subject and background are pictured with appropriate brightness, even when there is a large difference in the brightness of the two.


    • When the function determines that the exposure is close to optimal, the results may not appear very different. The effect may also change depending on the photographed shot or on the camera settings.
    • The D-Range Optimizer function cannot be used in the following conditions:
      - When the metering method is "Spot metering" or "Center-weighted metering"
      - When the exposure mode is "M mode" or when the quality is set to "RAW" or "RAW+JPEG"