Article ID : 00130261 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

3D content from a USB device or home network will not playback in the Android TV.

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  • 3D photos

    The TV does not support 3D photo content from the Home network or a USB memory stick.

  • 3D movies

    Content that supports 3D auto-play will be played automatically in 3D. If it does not play in 3D, choose 3D(Side-by-Side) or 3D(Over-Under) from 3D settings as follows.

    1. Press the Action Menu button on the remote.
    2. Select 3D in the Display & Sound category.
    3. Select 3D display.
    4. Choose 3D(side-by-Side) or 3D(Over-Under).

    NOTE: If the content is not played in 3D by the steps above, please update the TV software to the latest version, and try again. For how to update, refer to: How to perform a software update .