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What's the difference between "Motion Enhancer" and "CineMotion"?

    The difference between Motion Enhancer and CineMotion.

    Applicable to LCD Televisions sold in Taiwan only

    Motion Enhancer and CineMotion are two different processes that provide smoother picture movement.

    For regular use, it is recommended to set Motion Enhancer to Standard mode and CineMotion to Auto 1 mode. 

    Motion Enhancer:

    Provides smoother picture movement and reduces picture blurring with additional (interpolated) frame.

    Available Motion Enhancer settings:

    High - Provides smoother picture movement, such as for film videos.
    Standard - Provides smoother picture movement for regular usage.
    Off  - This setting is to be used when High and Standard settings result in noise.


    -  Motion Enhancer is not available when Game Mode is set to On, or for a PC input source.

    -  Depending on the video, the effect may not be seen visually, even if the setting has been changed.

    -  When Theatre Mode is selected, Motion Enhancer is set to Off by default.


    Provides smoother picture movement when playing images taken on film, reducing picture blurness and graininess.

    Available CineMotion settings :
    Auto 1 - Provides smoother picture movement than the original film video, for regular usage.
    Auto 2 - Provides the original film video as it is.
    Off - Turns off the CineMotion feature


    -  If the image contains an irregular signal or too much noise, CineMotion will automatically turn off even if Auto 1 or Auto 2 is selected.

    -  CineMotion is not available for a PC input source.