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What are 4K pass-through and 4K upscaling?

    The 4K pass-through feature allows data to pass through the system without compromising image quality, and it is HDCP 2.2 compatible.
    The AV receiver with the 4K pass-through feature reproduces on a screen 4K signals from video equipment such as 4K-compatible TVs or projectors while maintaining the 4K quality.

    The 4K upscaling feature allows low-resolution data to be upscaled to high resolution 4K signals.
    The AV receiver with the 4K upscaling feature lets you enjoy video signals input by HDMI as smoother video with depth.



    14K pass-through
    24K upscaling
    A4K-compatible video source
    B: 4K-compatible Projector/TV
    C: Image source
    D: HDMI cable
    E: 4K images
    F: Full HD images


    • HDCP 2.2 is a content protection standard required to play copyright-protected 4K content.
    • To enjoy these functions, you need to connect the device using an High Speed HDMI cable.
    • Refer to the operating manual supplied with each device for details such as restrictions on individual functions.