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Video content recorded at a frame rate of 121 fps or higher cannot be played with the Video app.

    Video content with a frame rate of 121 fps or higher cannot be played via USB due to the TV's specifications. Play the content by connecting the camera and TV with an HDMI cable.


    • When playing video content that exceeds 60 fps via HDMI, the frame rate is down-converted to 60 fps by the camera.
    • For details about the frame rates of video content playable via USB, refer to Videos in Help Guide.
      The following steps describe how to access Help Guide information by operating your TV. To confirm this information on the Web, access the following website and proceed to step 3.

      1. Press the HELP button on the remote control.
      2. Select Help Guide, then press the Enter button.
      3. Select Using the TV with Other Devices, then press the Enter button.
      4. Select USB devices, then press the Enter button.
      5. Select Supported files and formats, then press the Enter button.
      6. Select Videos, then press the Enter button.