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PlayMemories Camera Apps Support Page: Direct Upload

PlayMemories Camera Apps Support Page: Direct Upload

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    1. What is the content of update for Direct Upload Ver. 1.2x (February 14, 2013)?
      • Images shot with Cinematic Photo can now be directly uploaded to supported sites from the camera via Wi-Fi*1*2.
      • The new album created when uploading images can now be named.

      *1 Requires Cinematic Photo ver. 2.00 or later to be installed in camera.
      *2 To upload images with Cinematic Photo, launch Cinematic Photo then select the desired image. More

    2. What is the image size of the uploaded images?
      Original size or 2M pixels. (1616 x 1080 for 3:2 images, 1920 x 1080 for 16:9 images)

    3. Can the camera remember the Facebook password?
      Yes, it can. However, input of the password may be necessary after you sign out Facebook, or when the security system of Facebook requires the password.

    4. When selecting the images by selecting the folder, is there any limit of number of images stored in the folder?
      The maximum number of images in the folder is 100. If there are more than 100 images in the folder, you cannot select that folder.

    5. Can I view the contents uploaded on Facebook or PlayMemories Online using the camera?
      No, you cannot. To view the contents, use Smartphone or computer.

    6. Can I create an album?
      Yes, you can.
      If you are using Direct Upload ver 1.2x or later, you can edit new album’s name when you select the top item of the album list [Create a new album].
      For previous version, the folder name will consist of date and time, such as 2012-08-22. You cannot name the album.

    7. If I exit the application or turn off the computer, what will happen?
      After restarting the application, you can continue from the last point. You can also cancel the previous status to open a new image.

    8. After I select X in the uploaded screen, the message to ask execution appeared. What will be executed?
      The selected image will be deleted from the image list to be uploaded to the Network service. It will be deleted from the list only and the image in the camera will remain as it is.

    9. When selecting the online services such as PlayMemories Online or Facebook, the message that the connection has been failed and to urge the reconnection appears.
      Check the settings of the Network.

    10. Is Hot Spot such as bbmobile supported?
      The access point must be set by selecting the lower right icon in the

    11. Can I comment "Like" in Facebook?
      You cannot comment it by the camera. Use Smartphone or computer.

    12. I cannot use focus bracketing when an A-mount lens is attached.
      You can use the focus bracketing function with an E-mount lens only.

    13. Which Network services can I upload? Is there any plan to add or change the services?
      Facebook and PlayMemories Online (PMO) are available as Network services (as of Oct. 2012). We will expand the service in the future.
      * The upload function to PMO is included in the application for available countries only (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Japan).

    14. Can I select multiple images to upload?
      Yes, you can select maximum 100 images.