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Which 3G Dongle can be used for connecting TV to internet?

Recommended 3G Dongle for connecting TV to internet.

    Please see below for the recommended 3G Dongle.

    Note: To find out the model name of the 3G Dongle, you can check the back of the dongle or the inner side after the cover is removed. Please refer to the instruction manual of the dongle for the details.

    • For Vietnam:
      - Viettel: E173Eu-1
      - Mobifone: E173u-1
      - Mobifone: E303s-1
    • For India:
      - Airtel: E1731
      - Idea: E1732
      - Reliance: E173
      - Open Market: E303c (Carrier : Airtel, Idea, Reliance, TATA docomo)
      - Open Market: E369-Hi Mini* (Carrier : Airtel, Idea, Reliance, TATA docomo)

      * E369-Hi Mini will be available by updating TV's software.
      New TV’s software will be released in Autumn of 2013.

      To update the TV’s software, download and save the software onto USB Memory attaching on your PC that was connected to an internet. Install the software by attaching the USB memory onto BRAVIA.