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How to add printer in Linux?

    1. Please click on the lower left corner icon (also start button), from the main menu select system Settings, in which choice printer configuration and double click to open.
    2. On the left side of the list, select new printer, then select new printer button on the right, then to choose the printer interface, at this time, the system will automatically scan and the current printer available on the network, the results show that the list on the left.


    3. From the list of available printers, choose you want the configuration, click on the lower right corner of the forward button, enter the Settings printer type of the interface.
    4. Select from the list of the printer model, such as HP, Canon.
      If there is no you the type of printer list, please select before. And then click go button, enter the add printer specific driver model of the interface, the list on the left is the printer model, on the right side list is currently available in the system of all drivers (which model selection on the left, is on the right shows it to the corresponding driver).
    5. Click forward buttons, in order to fill in:
      The printer name (can be named by yourself)
      Description (can not fill in)
      Position (can be defined by yourself)
    6. After completed, click on ok to save exit.