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How to configure your mail client in Linux?

    Here, as an example:

    Please click on the lower left corner icon (also start button) - mail client, will display Thunderbird mail client configuration interface.
    1. The first time open, would prompt need a new email address, choose skip and use of the existing email button will start email account Settings. In order to fill in:
      • Your name (your name, can be arbitrary)
      • Email address (
      • Password (email password)
      • Remember password a can be checked, so don't need to input password every time or get the mail.


    2. Then it will remand you:
      Accept the mail server and port, a mail server and port (according to your mail server type, choose IMAP or POP3 option)
    3. After completed, click on the test configuration (R) button, after the success of the test, click the create account.
      If your mail server did not provide encrypted connection, may appear warning dialog box, choose hook I already know relevant risk, click on the finish.
      If add security exceptions, click on confirm safety exception.
      Create and correct, will automatically download your own email inbox.