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How to play video/audio file in the browser of Linux?

    By default, when you use Red-Flag system to play video and audio prior, it will prompt you to install flash plugin.


    After the installation is completed, it can normal play. If you need, you can click the link as follows to download and save flash plugin:

    And operate in accordance with the following method:
    • Method one (operation under graphics)
      Click home folder on the table to enter download directory of flash.

      1. Right click the Flash.tar.xz and choose decompression.
        After the extraction is completed, a Flash directory will be generated in the current directory
      2. Go to the Flash directory


      3. Double-click to the file of flashplugin-, a prompt box will Popup, select Install button and it will normal install.
      4. After the installation is complete, restart your browser, you can load flash plugin.

    • Method 2 (command terminal operation)

      1. Into the terminal environment
        Please click on the icon on lower left corner of the desktop (also start button) → Terminal after seeing the % symbol, indicating that the terminal is open. Or when you open a folder in the graphics, directly press the F4 key on the keyboard to call up the terminal.
      2. If you download flash package is stored in the directory of /tmp, please execute:
        % cd /tmp
        % sudo xz-d Flash.tar.xz decompress format of .tar.xz
        % sudo tar xvf Flash.tar decompress format of .tar


      3. Installation
        % cd Flash into Flash directory
        % sudo rpm-Uvh flashplugin-


        or double-click on a install flashplugin- directly in the graphical interface.
      4. The installation is complete, restart your browser, you can load the flash plugin.