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What audio file formats can be played when an Xperia is connected to a USB port on the USB DAC AMPLIFIER?

    The USB DAC AMPLIFIER can play all the files that Xperia can play. In regard to this, there is no difference between the front and the rear USB ports.

    • If a file is in an audio file format not supported by the USB DAC AMPLIFIER, the Xperia converts that file format to one that the USB DAC AMPLIFIER can play.
    • Xperia does not support audio output at 88.2 kHz and higher sampling frequencies, therefore, there is no difference in sound output from the USB DAC AMPLIFIER whether you connect your Xperia to the USB port on the front or on the rear panel. (As of Sept. 2013)
    • You need a converter cable when you connect an Xperia to the USB port on the rear panel of the USB DAC AMPLIFIER.
      (USB Micro B connector to USB A connector converter adaptor)

    Xperia models that support playback through a USB connection are as follows. (As of Sept. 2013)

    • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Z Ultra
    • Xperia Tablet Z