Article ID : 00064518 / Last Modified : 21/10/2020

Can the Wi-Fi option in the camera be turned off?

Turning off Wi-Fi option in the camera.

    There is no option to disable or turn off the Wi-Fi® function. Therefore, the camera should be turned off in locations where a wireless local area network (LAN) connection is restricted or prohibited, such as in hospitals or airplanes.


    • In hospitals, radio frequencies that are emitted by the wireless LAN may cause interference with the functionality of a cardiac pacemaker and other electronic devices.
    • Each airline has different rules regarding the use of electronic devices that emit radio waves during a flight. Contact the airline to check what electronic devices are prohibited during take off and landing in accordance to the aviation regulations.

    Even though there is no on or off option for the Wi-Fi function, you can prevent it from being activated by not using any features that require a wireless LAN connection as listed below.

    • Network connection settings like WPS Push, Access Point Settings and Service Availability
    • Transferring still images to a smart phone, computer or TV
    • Using the PlayMemories™ Mobile app