Article ID : 00118042 / Last Modified : 30/03/2021

Which lenses are supported for use with the camera?

    To check the list of compatible lenses for your camera, refer to the following Web URL:
    Accessories Compatibility Information

    IMPORTANT: You may need to set the focus mode to MF and manually adjust the focus when using some SAM lenses with the LAEA1 or LAEA3. Also, make sure the firmware for both the mount adapter and camera body is updated to the recent version.


    • When using an A-mount lens and mount adapter, be cautious of camera shake because there is no anti-blur function with this configuration.
    • For the NEX-VG900: By using an A-mount lens together with the LA-EA3 mount adapter, you can take advantage of the full frame image sensor and record images with an angle of view equivalent to 35 mm film.
    • For the NEX-VG900: Images are recorded in the APS-C size when an E-mount lens, DT lens, or the LA-EA1/LA-EA2 mount adapter is attached to the camcorder.