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Unable to play a Blu-ray Disc (BD), DVD or CD disc.

    NOTE: Some Blu-ray Disc players may display the error Cannot operate this disc or No Disc Error.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

    1. Make sure the inserted disc is compatible.
      • Make sure the inserted disc is compatible with the Blu-ray Disc player.
      • The region code on the Blu-ray Disc or DVD may not be matching with the region code of the Blu-ray Disc player. Please check the details of your disc. For details see the FAQ below.
      • Confirm whether the problem is with the disc itself by attempting to play a different disc.


        • Make sure the other disc is as similar as possible to the first.
        • If you do not have a different disc, try using a different player.
      • If playing a DVD content was created on another device, make sure the disc has been properly finalized.
      • If playing a 3D Blu-ray Disc movie, make sure the HDMI cable being used is a high quality, Hi-Speed HDMI cable. These type of cables are available through the Sony Store.
    2. Make sure the state of the disk.

      WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Do not use cleaning discs or disc/lens cleaners (including wet or spray types). These may cause the apparatus to malfunction.

      • If the top of the disc tray is dirty, wipe it using a soft dry cloth before placing the disc on the tray.
      • If there are any fingerprints, stains, or dust on the playing side of the disc, gently wipe it with a soft dry cloth, taking care not to scratch the disc.
      • The disc may be upside down. Insert the disc with the playback side facing down.
    3. Make sure the settings of the Blu-ray Disc player.
      • Reset the BD player:
        1. Remove the disc from the Blu-ray Disc player.
        2. Turn off the Blu-ray Disc player.
        3. Unplug the power cord of the Blu-ray Disc player from the electrical outlet.
        4. Let the player remain without power for one minute.
        5. Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet.
        6. Turn on the Blu-ray Disc player.
      • Make sure that the Parental Control settings are not set to On. Parental control settings can prevent certain discs from being played.
      • Make sure that BD ROM 24P Output setting is set to Off. If this setting is set to On and a TV that does not support this setting is being used, the TV screen will be blank or not show a picture.
      • Make sure that the output video resolution setting of the Blu-ray Disc player corresponds with the TV.
      • When playing a Blu-ray Disc that supports BD-Live, to enjoy additional content beyond what comes on the disc, make sure of the following:
        • An Internet connection is required. Check the network settings to see if the Blu-ray Disc player is connected to the Internet.
        • Set the BD Internet Connection setting in the BD/DVD Viewing Settings menu to Allow.
        • If you cannot play the disc after doing as described above, set the BD Internet Connection setting to Do Not Allow, and delete any conflicting BD-Live data from the BD/DVD Viewing Settings menu. Then, return the BD Internet Connection setting to Allow, and try to play the disc again.
        • Certain Blu-ray Disc players may require that a USB memory device has been properly inserted into the EXT slot of the player prior to playing the movie. If the Blu-ray Disc player being used does not have an EXT input, skip this step.

          NOTE: The USB memory device may need to be re-formatted to FAT32 format or the existing files on the USB device must be deleted prior to using it with the player.

      • Download and install the latest system software (firmware). This will ensure that the player is up-to-date on playback compatibility.


        • If the player is connected to an active high-speed Internet connection, the latest system software update can be obtained through the Network section of the menu.
        • If the player is not connected to the Internet, use a computer to download the latest system software update.

    If you have completed all of the steps and you are unable to play any Blu-ray Disc movies, service may be required.