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Files with the extensions MODD, MOFF, and THM are generated when importing images with PlayMemories Home. Is it OK to delete those?

    MODD, MOFF, and THM files are management files used by PlayMemories Home. They contain information needed for managing images in PlayMemories Home, such as date and time or recording and GPS information, so do not delete them. See the following for details about the files.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss.
    If you move or delete files in PlayMemories Home, the related management files will also be moved or deleted. When backing up, these management files also must be backed up, so back up by folder.

    The specifications regarding generation of MODD files differ with PlayMemories Home up to Ver. 2, from Ver. 3.0.00 to Ver. 3.0.10, and Ver. 3.0.20 and higher.

    If you are using Ver. 3.0.00 to Ver. 3.0.10 and want to delete the MODD files generated for still images, update PlayMemories Home to the latest version. Updating will not delete all of the MODD files. The necessary MODD files will remain, but they will be hidden.

    • NOTE: The settings to display or hide the files are in the Windows Folder Options at View-Advanced settings-Hidden files and folders.

    MODD files are generated for some image files even in the latest version of PlayMemories Home. Files with the extensions MOFF and THM may also be generated. Those files are necessary for managing images in PlayMemories Home, so do not delete them.

    • NOTE: The files cannot be edited with other software.
      If the management files are deleted, they can be generated again by importing images from the camera again.
    • Cases where MODD files are generated
      • When importing AVCHD, MPEG2, or MP4 movies.
      • When grouping still images as continuous shooting groups
    • Cases where MOFF files are generated
      • When importing MP4 movies from an action cam equipped with a GPS function
      • When displaying videos in PlayMemories Home
    • Cases where THM files are generated
      • When importing MP4 movies
      • TIP: These are not hidden files.

    NOTE: MODD files are automatically generated when importing AVCHD, MPEG2, and MP4 movies with the latest version of PlayMemories Home, but those are hidden files.