Endless entertainment

Discover games and photos, music and movies, Internet and apps. With an Android TV™ from Sony, you're ready to open up whole new worlds of entertainment

Just ask your Google Assistant hands-free

With Google Assistant built-in and advanced voice control, Sony's Android TV makes life smart and simple. Find new entertainment, check schedules and control your home, just by talking to the screen.

  • Netflix Calibrated Mode
  • Recommended by Netflix
  • Netflix button
  • Free trial
  • Works with Alexa
  • Connect with Google Home
IR Blaster

IR Blaster

BRAVIA® remote now controls your DTH box

Easy connectivity with IR blaster lets you control your DTH box with BRAVIA® remote. There's no need to use 2 remotes, simply use BRAVIA remote to explore TV broadcasts from DTH, Internet videos & contents, and BRAVIA functions such as One-Flick Entertainment.

TV Camera

TV Camera

Record your Special Moments

Make your TV-viewing experience memorable and exciting with the TV camera feature. Let BRAVIA® capture your special moments and record it all in a USB drive. The easy recording function lets you not only record a video but even take a selfie!



Enjoy free life-sized video calls on your TV

Bring your family & friends closer with Tellybean video calling on BRAVIA®. Designed for the best possible TV video calling experience, life-sized video calling is almost like being there. Tellybean lets you connect via a video call from mobile or web directly to your TV. You can use Tellybean with your Android phone's camera.