What is Automotive OEM Branded Audio

First, let's start off defining what OEM means.

OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturer. In our case, we work directly with automotive OEM's to create audio systems that are optimized for each unique vehicle line.

In addition to the standard OEM audio systems, many car manufacturers also offer an upgraded premium audio system. A premium audio system delivers a superior music listening experience and can be included in a vehicle lines higher trim or as part of an optional package.

Sony OEM Audio

A premium audio system, often times known as a branded audio system, is normally supplied by audio manufacturers with the audio company's brand name. Branded systems are popular in North American and European countries and popularity is rapidly expanding in other countries around the world such as China & India.

The Sony Premium Audio Solution

With our expertise in audio and visual products, we deliver immersive, one of a kind experiences through the combination of creativity and technology.

To deliver this purpose, we provide the automotive audio solution to make the car the ultimate and invaluable emotional life space. This mission is built upon three pillars - trust, passion, & innovation.

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Built upon 3 pillars

Trust, Passion, and Innovation are our drivers

With each audio system that we custom build and tune, we install our core values of trust, passion, and innovation to bring you the ultimate and invaluable emotional life space.

Sony OEM Audio is Trustworthy

We are trustworthy

Sony was established in 1946 and through launching a variety of innovative products and services in the past decades, Sony has successfully established its firm position as one of the worlds most well-known entertainment companies,and has grown to be trusted by customers all over the world including India. Using the strength of the Sony brand and the trust from consumers, Sony has been active in the automotive industry for more than 15 years as a trusted tier 1 branded audio solution supplier providing car manufacturers high quality products and sound.


We are passionate

We claim the “Power of Design” as one of Sony’s core competencies. We put our heart and soul into designing the bespoke Branded Audio system to visualize the invisible sound, creating the best marriage between the interior design of each vehicle and our Branded Audio system. We call it Sony’s Sound Visionary Style and our relentless passion for the music is expressed through our Custom Design Panels and Speakers, trying to play our part in contributing to increase the total value of the vehicle image.

Sony OEM Audio is Passionate
Sony OEM Audio is innovative

We are innovative

Every car looks different. Depending on the size, shape, and material of the in-cabin space, it also sounds different. Thus the method of how to make a car sound great is different car by car. Sony carefully select the optimal hardware and our experienced acoustic engineering team with “Golden Ears” conduct the optimal tuning for each car in order to make a car sound right. In order to further elevate the level from “great” to “superb”, we add innovative Software technologies inside DSP to deliver the Immersive High Quality music experience only Sony can.

"Clear Phase" & "Sound Building Blocks" are trademarks of Sony Corporation.