Sound Building Blocks™ Technology
3D Immersive Sound

Sony's in-car immersive sound technology creates a high quality, stable sound field increasing width, depth, and height, as well as a clearly defined sound stage.

The Immersive Experience

Premium 3D Audio Systems from Sony create a sound field that envelopes the entire vehicle cabin and a large sweet spot that embraces all passengers in their music. We recreate the in-car experience, making you feel like you and your passengers are right in the middle of your favorite concert.

Benefits of Sony's 3D Immersive Audio System powered by Sound Building Blocks

Explore what our new audio system is able to provide you, your passengers, and the environment

The journey to creating an immersive experience with Sound Building Blocks

Using a three step process and two Sony technologies, we reconstruct any music source into 3D sound.

To do this we take your original stereo source and break it down into two categories - primary and ambient sources. Once the primary and ambient sources are extracted from the file, we reconstruct them into 3D sound by adding in surround and height features. This process is called "up-mixing". Now that the music has the 3D effect, we use our spatial rendering technology which creates the immersive 3D sound field. The end result? A truly immersive & 3D experience that makes every passenger feel like that are right in the middle of a live concert.

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