XM-N502 | 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier

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Rs. 7,990

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Horsepower for your sound system

Driving is always more fun when you've got your favourite music pumping. A 500 W high power amplifier delivers cleaner sound to the speakers for enhanced listening.

500 W of power
Power up your ride

Crank out the tunes while you drive with 500 W from the high power amplifier.

Stays chilled without shutting down

Some amplifiers simply shut down when they overheat, but Automatic Thermal Control lowers the amp's output so that you can keep listening even in warm conditions.

Low Pass Filter
Feel the subwoofers

A Low Pass Filter sends only deep bass to the subwoofers.

High quality components
Solidly built

All parts have been selected for sound quality and reliability.

Single sided connections
Flexible installation

Single sided connections give you multiple mounting options.

Specifications and Features

  • 500 W high power output

  • 65 W x 2 (4 ohms), 85 W x 2 (2 ohms), 175 W x 1 (BTL)

  • Automatic Thermal Control

  • Low pass filter for bass

  • Single sided connections

Channel Configuration
Max. Channel Power Configuration at 4 ohm
2 x 150 W
Max. Channel Configuration at 4 ohms BTL (Bridge-Tied Load)
1 x 500 W
Max. Channel Power Configuration at 2 ohms
2 x 210 W
Frequency response
5–50 kHz
1.5 kg
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