Celebrate an experience called BRAVIA

Discover the magic of stunning colours, spectacular contrast and exceptional detail.


Immerse yourself in the magic of true colours, contrast and detail.

An ordinary moment turns into an incredible celebration, when the best experiences come together and bring it alive. BRAVIA with its path breaking technology ensures that you live these moments everyday. It makes the most gorgeous images shine in perfect details, adorned in absolutely spectacular colours and striking contrast. So it's time to open your eyes and let the magic begin.

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Discover what's new in our latest TVs
Picture Quality
Uncover the magic with Sony’s unique display technologies

For the ultimate in picture quality, BRAVIA TVs pair stunning clarity with remarkable brightness, colour and details.

Slice of Living Design
Design that feels at home in any home

Slice of Living Design

Structurally simple, 2016 BRAVIA TVs resonate with living room design because they’re composed of slate shapes, both in stands that seem sliced from walls or the floor and screens that recall pictures or windows. Not just slim, they’re also free of distracting elements. Across the new line-up, cables can be routed through the stand, concealing it from view on all sides. Here, we’ve set a new standard in elegant TV design that keeps your living room comfortable.

Sony Android TV™
Endless entertainment

Discover games and photos, music and movies, Internet and thousand of apps. With an Android TV™, you're ready to open up whole new worlds of entertainment.

Serious about sound

At Sony, we give TV sound the attention it deserves. We match high quality speakers with innovative audio -enhancement technologies to deliver rich, natural sound, for everything that entertains you.

BRAVIA range

Feel the beauty of everything you watch with Sony's 4K HDR, Android and Full HD TVs.


Ready for a new type of TV signal, 4K HDR TVs can display the future of picture quality.

Android TVs
Android TVs

Apps, games, movies and all the online content you want are just a tap, or voice-command away.

Full HD TVs
Full HD TVs

Experience the truest quality of Full HD whether it’s with HDTV broadcasts or Blu-ray Discs.