Dive into the world of immersive gaming

BRAVIA XR screens are a fantastic showcase for the gorgeous graphics and immersive soundscapes that bring games to life.

Perfect for PlayStation®5

Pair your BRAVIA XR TV with a PlayStation®5 console to get a fantastic gaming experience. With immersive picture and sound, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

BRAVIA XR and HT-A9 are great for playing Gran Turismo® 7
Vibrant colours. Intense contrast. This is how games should be played.

See games come alive with a vast array of real-world colours and deep contrast that brings out the finest details. And with a wide viewing angle, you'll enjoy the same breathtaking scenes from the sides as you do from the centre.

Surround sound that matches actions and scenes

Our sound-from-screen technology makes the screen the speaker. This means that what you hear comes from the right place in the scene. 

Maximise the potential of your PS5™ with BRAVIA XR
Split screen of a driving game showing the difference with Auto HDR Tone Mapping on and off

Screen images simulated

Catch more of the detail in high-contrast scenes

Auto HDR Tone Mapping

With Auto HDR Tone Mapping, the HDR settings will be optimised instantly during your PS5™ console's initial setup. Your PS5™ automatically recognises individual BRAVIA XR TV models and selects the best HDR setting for your TV accordingly. So even in high-contrast scenes, you'll see the crucial details and colours in the brightest and darkest parts of the screen.   

Two BRAVIA TVs with a PS5™ in the middle. The left showing Game Mode ON. The right showing Game Mode OFF.
Enjoy games and more with your PS5™ console

Auto Genre Picture Mode

BRAVIA XR automatically switches into Game Mode to minimise input lag and make the action more responsive. When watching movies on PlayStation5® consoles, it switches back to Standard Mode to focus on picture processing for more expressive scenes.

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Other Gaming features

Various features in HDMI 2.1

With 4K/120 fps, a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, our TVs give you smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay.