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Living Room Audio Entertainment

Make your Home your own personal Movie Theare

Enjoy the immersive surround effects of sound while keeping your living room look clean and without the clutter of multiple speaker wires. Even if you want to only play your favourite tracks from the mobile phone you're welcome, thanks to Bluetooth & NFC support.

MDR-1000X: Noise cancelling beyond compare

Introducing the new MDR-1000X wireless headphones with Industry leading Noise cancelling Performance, It’s Personal Noise cancellation optimizer enhances the level of Noise cancellation according to your wearing style and environment.

EXTRA BASS Headphones now in 'Sports'

Sweat can't keep you away from your dose of EXTRA BASS

Run or work out without worrying about weather and sweat with the all new sports range of EXTRA BASS Headphones. If music keeps you going while pushing yourself for an extra mile, sweat and rain can't play any role in stopping you or your music.



Splash proof EXTRA BASS headphones with Bluetooth



Washable sports EXTRA BASS headphones with Bluetooth

Expanded wireless enjoyment

Listen to your favorite music in a wireless setting, whether it’s stereo, surround, multi-room, or via streaming service. Discover new wireless experiences and enjoy a new level of musical freedom.

High Resolution Audio

From source to speaker, Sony unites technologies for the ultimate audio experience, making High-Resolution Audio the closest thing to live music. Click to learn more and see where to buy.

Experience true music

What is Soul-Shaking Clarity? World-class hardware heritage, music studio experience, and the digital fine-tuning that perfects it all. See our inspiring High-Resolution Audio lineup for more.