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Xperia Link Update version

Article ID:524173(modified 06-Nov-2012)

Applicable Models

SVD11213CN, SVD11215CA, SVD11215CG, SVD11215CH, SVD11215CN, SVD11215CV, SVD11215CW, SVD11216PA, SVD11216PG, SVE11125CH, SVE11125CN, SVE11125CV, SVE11126CA, SVE11126CF, SVE11126CG, SVE11126CV, SVE14121CV, SVE14122CA, SVE14122CF, SVE14122CG, SVE14122CH, SVE14122CV, SVE14123CN, SVE14125CN, SVE14126CA, SVE14126CH, SVE14126CV, SVE14127CN, SVE14128CH, SVE14128CV, SVE14128CW, SVE14A23CW, SVE14A25CA, SVE14A25CF, SVE14A25CG, SVE14A25CH, SVE14A25CN, SVE14A25CV, SVE14A25FG, SVE14A26CA, SVE14A26CF, SVE14A26CG, SVE14A26CH, SVE14A26CV, SVE14A26CW, SVE14A27CA, SVE14A27CG, SVE14A27CN, SVE14A27CV, SVE14A27FG, SVE15121CA, SVE15121CF, SVE15121CV, SVE15122CA, SVE15123CN, SVE15123CV, SVE15125CN, SVE15126CA, SVE15126CF, SVE15126CH, SVE15126CN, SVE15126CV, SVE15127CA, SVE15127CF, SVE15127CN, SVE15127CV, SVE15128CG, SVE15128CN, SVE15128CV, SVE15128CW, SVE15129CA, SVE15129CG, SVE15129CH, SVE15129CN, SVE15129CV, SVE15129CW, SVE17125CG, SVE17125CV, SVS13123CH, SVS13123CN, SVS13123CV, SVS13123CW, SVS13125CA, SVS13125CF, SVS13125CG, SVS13125CH, SVS13125CN, SVS13125CV, SVS13126PA, SVS13126PG, SVS13126PN, SVS13126PW, SVS13127PA, SVS13127PG, SVS13127PN, SVS13127PW, SVS13A25PG, SVS13A25PN, SVS13A25PW, SVS13A26PG, SVS15125CH, SVS15125CN, SVS15125CV, SVS15125CW, SVS15126PA, SVS15126PG, SVS15126PW, SVT11125CA, SVT11125CG, SVT11125CH, SVT11125CN, SVT11125CV, SVT13123CN, SVT13125CA, SVT13125CG, SVT13125CN, SVT13125CV, SVT13125CW, SVT13126CG, SVT13126CH, SVT13126CN, SVT13126CV, SVT13126CW, SVT13127CG, SVT13127CW, SVT14113CN, SVT14113CV, SVT14115CV, SVT14115CW, SVT14116PN, SVT14117CG, SVT14117CH, SVT14117CW

What does this download do?

This program will update Xperia Link to version and will resolve the following symptoms:

- Xperia Link is unable to auto-tether when PC shutdown.
- Tethering issue when bluetooth function is OFF.

Available Download:
Xperia Link Update version
File name: EP0000279142.exe
File size: 9.69 MB (10,162,176 bytes)

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