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Original Drivers and Applications for VPCEL Series (Windows 7 64-Bit)

Article ID:460804(modified 27-Jun-2013)

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What does this download do?

The following are the Original Drivers, Applications and Utilities for VPCEL Series:

SATA Driver: A2DOTH-00247203-0042.EXE
Chipset Driver: A2DOTH-00247185-0042.EXE
Graphics Driver: A2DVID-00248454-0042.EXE
Audio Driver: CODAUD-00247175-0042.EXE
Ethernet Driver: AHDETH-00248443-0042.EXE
Memory Card Driver: REDMCC-00248446-0042.EXE
Wireless LAN Driver: AHDWLL-00247204-0042.EXE
Pointing Driver: SPDTPD-00247567-0042.EXE
SFEP Driver: SODFEP-00224384-0042.EXE
Bluetooth Driver: AHDBLT-00248436-0042.EXE
Sony Shared Library: SOASSL-00244666-0042.EXE
VAIO Smart Network: SOASNW-00245577-0042.EXE
Notebook Utilities: SOAOTH-567A0000-0042.EXE
VAIO Gate: SOAVAG-00244073-0042.EXE
VAIO Location Utility: SOAVLU-00179295-0040.EXE
VAIO Update: SOAVUD-00247863-0042.EXE
Quick Web Access: DVABRS-00248505-0042.EXE

Important Notes

Please install the following drivers and applications based from the download order.

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