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Windows XP Drivers and Application for VPCCW2 Series (Individual Drivers)

Article ID:377908(modified 28-Jul-2011)

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What does this download do?

XP Drivers for VPCCW2 Series

File name: SATANonRAID.zip 
File size: 268,349 bytes

File name: ChipsetDriver.zip 
File size: 2,445,576 bytes

File name: KB835221.exe
File size: 658,136 bytes

File name: KB909667.exe
File size: 512,752 bytes

File name: GraphicsDriverNVIDIA.zip 
File size: 76,596,989 bytes

File name: AudioDriver.zip 
File size: 59,934,852 bytes

File name: CameraDriver.zip 
File size: 9,574,875 bytes

File name: EthernetMarvell.zip 
File size: 1,525,585 bytes

File name: IPSDriver.zip 
File size: 3,028,190 bytes

File name: MemoryMS.zip 
File size: 841,312 bytes

File name: MemorySD.zip 
File size: 810,683 bytes

File name: PointingDriver.zip 
File size: 10,812,384 bytes

File name: SNCDriver.zip 
File size: 904,092 bytes

File name: WirelessLANAtheros.zip 
File size: 5,789,521 bytes

File name: WirelessLANIntel.zip 
File size: 34,260,298 bytes

File name: BluetoothDriver.zip 
File size: 58,445,350 bytes

XP Applications for VPCCW2 Series
File name: SonyUtilitiesDLL.zip 
File size: 1,842,834 bytes

File name: SettingUtilitySeries.zip 
File size: 12,734,730 bytes

File name: SonySharedLibrary.zip 
File size: 1,552,834 bytes

File name: VaioEventService.zip 
File size: 3,876,054 bytes

File name: VaioControlCenter.zip 
File size: 2,767,308 bytes

File name: VaioLocationUtility.zip 
File size: 1,346,210 bytes

File name: VaioPowerManagement.zip 
File size: 9,478,295 bytes

File name: BatteryCareFunction.zip 
File size: 5,922,057 bytes

File name: BatteryChecker.zip 
File size: 2,764,789 bytes

File name: PxEngine.zip 
File size: 2,197,764 bytes

File name: WirelessSwtichSettingUtility.zip 
File size: 5,658,886 bytes

File name: VaioUpdate.zip 
File size: 12,660,251 bytes  

Important Notes

Important Notice:

Please install these Drivers and Applications in order as listed for Function Keys to work properly.

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